Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

Indeed, nothing describes romance and love quite like a new, shiny, expensive thingamajig you’ve poured your entire monthly savings to pay for — all for the sake of seeing your partner’s face light up with glee. Worth it.

But what if you do not have the budget or resources to provide such lavish gifts to your significant other? There are, of course, other ways to show your love and affection towards your SO. That’s where affordable gifts come to play.

Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Buying the perfect anniversary gift is undoubtedly a testament to how much you know about your partner. And this information doesn’t always necessitate an expensive gift. On the contrary, it’s the thought that counts and thoughts aren’t necessarily expensive. 

That being said, here are some suggestions on how to gift an affordable present that your SO will surely appreciate.

1. DIY Gifts

There’s truly nothing that says love like hard work and copious amounts of effort put into a gift form. Do-it-yourself gifts then come to mind.

DIY presents are not only easy on the wallet but can be super sentimental depending on what you’ve prepared. Off the top of the list, a simple picture frame of the both of you would definitely be a great anniversary gift for the SO. Similarly, photo albums could also work well here. 

If you’re looking for something with a little more heart and skill, picking up cross-stitching is the perfect opportunity to show your effort. Otherwise, a homemade coupon or voucher book could also be a cute inexpensive anniversary gift. The contents of your coupon could include simple tasks like “one free hug” or “doing the dishes” that your partner can claim. It’s easy on the wallet, and your partner will definitely appreciate the extra effort put in to please them.

2. Take A Staycation

While the world shuts down, this is the perfect chance to take a meaningful staycation with your partner.

Time and attention are the most valuable gifts you could afford your partner/ After all, spending a meaningful staycation by the beach or in the countryside is a great way to reignite the spark and bond with your partner. Of course, if travelling isn’t possible at the moment, sometimes spending the weekend indoors is an excellent compromise. The important thing is to spend this precious time appreciating your partner.

This means setting down your smartphones, tablets, controllers, and PCs to actually be present with your SO. you could even spend the time doing some couple-centric activities like cooking together, watching a movie, etc. — all for nearly the cost of zero dollars. 

3. A Candy Bouquet

Right, to be perfectly honest, candy can be an expensive gift depending on the type and where you buy them from. But if your significant other has a sweet tooth, then there’s really nothing better to get for them as a budget anniversary gift.

For added savings, find out what kind of sweets your partner likes and look for wholesale or bundles, this will save you some money. Next, you may assemble the candy to make it look like a bouquet or just present it as is. If you’re going the bouquet route, look into using some red vines to make your candy bouquet look more vibrant. Your best bet is to look for the many, many DIY candy bouquet videos on YouTube.

Alternatively, crafting a drumstick or nugget bouquet could also work well for the laughs.

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