Get a romantic getaway without your kids

Does the romance die down once you settle down and have had one or two (or maybe more) kids? Are the days of an amorous trip in the rearview now that you have to bring along the tykes for your trip? The answer is no and a definite no!

It definitely isn’t an impossibility to plan the romantic trip of your dreams (with kids in tow).

  • Pick A Family-Friendly, Romantic Destination: Picking the right destination will determine how your trip will look and feel. Planning a trip to Venice or the Maldives will be much easier to evoke a romantic mood when it comes down to it.
  • Take A Cruise: Instead of a plane, take a cruise to your romantic destination and keep the little ones busy with the fun-filled, family-friendly activities on board.
  • Book A Spacious Hotel Room: Nothing kills the mood faster than a cramped space, kids running amok, and you exasperatedly trying to control them. Instead, splurge a little on a spacious room. Better yet, make sure the kids have their own space so that you and your partner may have some time for yourselves.
  • Make Some Alone Time: Speaking of time, do make it a point to arrange some time alone with your partner on your trip. Most hotels and resorts have clubs with babysitters on call so that you may have your much needed romantic date.
  • Hire A Nanny: This is the more pricey option, but it’s worth it if you appreciate the time afforded to spend with your SO. You have two options here — bring along your own sitter or hire an in-room babysitter (if available).
  • Sneak Out: If all else fails, just sneak out when the kids are asleep! Even a short romantic jaunt beside the pool will get the ol’ spark going again.
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