Romance With A Cultural Twist At Your Fingertips

Destini IS is a Singaporean matchmaking agency specialising in connecting local Singaporeans and Japanese singles to meet and foster a relationship. The platform was founded by a duo of Japanese expatriates who have been living in the country for over a decade.

Destini IS

One of the reasons the pair decided to embark on this matchmaking journey is that they realized there is growing interest among Japanese women looking to meet Singaporean men to hopefully foster a romantic relationship. And a part of the reason for this interest is due to the fact that Singaporean men treat women more equally — as compared to Japanese men who are known to be more traditionally-inclined, meaning they still expect women to take on the role of homemaker and prioritise the needs of her husband and children. 

On the flip side, there is also an ever-growing interest coming from the local men who are attracted to the way Japanese women present themselves, with an attention to detail regarding personal grooming which also gives them a dash of gentle charm and femininity not entirely found among the local women. 

Thus, Destini IS aims to be the metaphorical bridge to bring these Singaporean and Japanese singles together.

However, the journey wasn’t entirely an easy one as the duo did not have much experience in the matchmaking industry prior to starting up Destini IS. But this hurdle didn’t deter the pair from clinching a coveted partnership with IBJ — one of the biggest marriage agencies in their native country of Japan.

Otherwise, the uphill task of translating existing databases and documents from Japanese to English also presented a challenge for the duo as they needed to pay extra attention to ensure that the contracts were crafted based on Singapore law.

As for the potential language barrier, Destini IS has also taken the steps to offer basic Japanese language lessons for members who are able to request free consultations but would then need to pay the enrollment fees should they choose to sign up for the programme. The Destini IS programme comes in three tiers though each one includes invitations to member-exclusive parties and access to the IBJ database.

Since its launch, the platform has seen rather positive results with more than 20 sign ups near the beginning and with a few matches already in the books.

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