Swiss Made: That Satisfying Ripping Sound Of Velcro

The sound that comes right after you tear Velcro apart is something that most will associate with the iconic invention. And it’s something that most have grown accustomed to in their modern, and at times, cushy and comfy lives.

What is Velcro?

First things first, Velcro is not the actual invention highlighted in this article itself. In fact, the Velcro Brand is the first and most well-known manufacturers of the hook-and-loop fasteners found on most modern footwear and apparel.

As for its origins, the humble concept of a hook-and-loop fastener was conceived in 1941 by George de Mestral. The inspiration came to de Mestral after returning from a hunting trip with his dogs in the Alps. Upon returning, he noticed that his clothes and dog’s fur were covered in burs of burdock which were hard to remove.

Not merely content with plucking them off one by one, he examined them under a microscope to understand how they worked. As a result, he discovered how the hooks from burs could attach to anything with a loop and the idea began to take shape.

There onwards, de Mestral began to ceaselessly experiment, develop, and finally, was able to create the wonderful invention known today as Velcro.

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