What A Hotel Concierge Can Do For You

At times, the humble hotel concierge can be a real lifesaver on your trip. It may be something as simple as providing directions and/or restaurant recommendations. And at other times, your friendly neighbourhood hotel concierge is there to make your stay that much more comfortable.

What Your Friendly Neighbourhood Hotel Concierge Can Do For You

But what exactly is the extent of what a hotel concierge is supposed to do? The simple answer is that they’re there to help. 

More particularly, here are some of the things your hotel concierge can do for you.

  • Save You Money: As a local, a hotel concierge may at times provide you with certain money-saving information ranging from transportation to cheap eats to the best free sights and activities around — all you have to do is ask.
  • Fine-Tune Your Travel Itinerary: Regardless of what it says on the Internet, there’s always more to be seen when you get to your destination. Some hotel concierge will go above and beyond to help you fine-tune your plans to make an achievable itinerary tailored to your interests.
  • They Can Help Organize Big Events: Whether you’re planning a proposal or a surprise birthday, your hotel concierge may assist in a variety of things from decor to organising a full suite, rooftop proposal — complete with a photographer to document the momentous occasion.
  • Help With Travel-Related Matters: A hotel concierge may also help with most travel-related issues you may face. It could be something as simple as getting a concert ticket or offering to book a reservation for a fancy restaurant or even pointing you to a better-equipped gym and/or hiking spot.
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