Why Wood Furniture is The Best For CNY

If you’re looking for a new set of furniture to ring in the lunar new year, then perhaps its time to schedule a spot of furniture hunting on top of your to-do list. And if this were the case, might we suggest going down the wood furniture route?

Wood furniture is definitely the perfect candidate to spruce up your living room this coming CNY. That’s not all. Wood furniture also meshes particularly well with almost every part of the home and it is a highly durable investment. 

The question, then, is what’s not to love about wood furnishing, right?

Vibing With Wood Furniture This CNY

The first thing to note is that wood is one of the five basic elements in Feng Shui. Understanding how to apply wooden elements in your home is a great way to arrange and redirect the flow of positive energies in it. This is especially important during the CNY period as the beginning of the new lunar year signals the birth or renewal of the seasons.

If positive vibes are what you’re looking for this coming CNY, then you should definitely incorporate some wood furniture in your home.

Wood Furniture Looks Great

Speaking of looks, wooden furnishing is also a popular choice amongst aesthetic-seekers and purveyors of beauty. As mentioned above, these wooden materials mesh perfectly with various colours and themes. And just like fine wine, it’ll look even better the more it ages!

In particular, custom wood furniture may be the best choice for you due to the myriad of design opportunities it affords. Plus, what better time to show off your brand new custom wood furniture than during CNY when your friends and family are visiting?

Cleaning Up During CNY is Easy

We’ve all been there — after the guests have left, you’re then left with the cleanup duty. Accidental spills, huge messes, and stubborn stains on your furniture are to be expected. And cleaning them up immediately is vital if you don’t want permanent stains. In this case, the same can also be said for wood furniture.

Cleaning your wooden furniture and cabinets isn’t exactly difficult — it’s as easy as using a dry cloth or feather duster to wipe your wooden surface. The most important thing to note is that time is of the essence and cleaning stains and spills immediately will help in reducing the long term damage.

It’s this ease of care and maintenance that makes wood furniture the best choice for CNY.

Wood is Durable Enough To Endure CNY Shenanigans

Last but not least, another reason why wood furniture is the best for your home is its high durability. It has been established so far that wood is a hardy and long-lasting material, and these characteristics also extend to wood furniture.

Wear-and-tear can be expected, and in the worst-case scenario, your precious wooden furniture could get a few knicks, scratches, and dinks after the many, many CNY visits to your home.

Not to worry, for these “battle scars” can inject more character and personality to your wooden furniture, thereby uplifting the mood of a room at the same time. But apart from that, a piece of well-built, well-maintained wood furniture will generally last you a lifetime — even with the heavy usage of the annual CNY season.

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